TC3-VGAF3.5mm 3446585 VGA Computer Module Plus Audio

TC3-VGAF3.5mm 3446585 VGA Computer Module Plus Audio
Vision Techconnect : TC3-VGAF3.5mm
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Order Code:  3446585
Part Number:  TC3-VGAF3.5mm
Manufacturer:  VISION



Approx 1,438 Units Available

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Vision TC3-VGAF3.5MM VGA Module Plus 3.5mm Audio

Vision TC3-VGAF3.5MM Module combines a VGA female socket and audio 3.5mm stereo jack socket onto a single wall plate module.

Techconnect TC3 modules are Pure white in color with a chiselled profile and each Module is appropriately marked to clearly identify the connection type. Techconnect 3 also has 11 mm of flat space above and below the connectors for information or company branding stickers.

Techconnect TC3 is a shorter modules than TC2 and incorporates extra ribbing to reduce module flex. On parts where flex is desirable, to avoid shattering ABS plastic is used and to make installation even easier the modules have a tab that hooks into the surround at the bottom, then a couple of turns of the pre-installed screw locks the module into place, the front TC3-SURR1G or TC3-SURR2G surround clips over the top giving a sleek modern screw-less finish.

The Vision TC3-VGAF3.5MM is a wired module and for reliability and ease of installation the rear of the Vision TC3-VGAF3.5MM has a two part phoenix screw connector plug and socket. Screw the phoenix connector plug to the appropriate cable type and simply plug into the rear of the Vision Techconnect TC3 VGA3.5mm module.

The Vision TC3-VGA3.5mm Techconnect AV face plate module is one of over 18 Vision TC3 AV modules that are available for the vision Techconnect TC3 custom av modular wall plate system.

Manufacturer: Vision
Product: Vision Techconnect
Part Code: 3446585
Manufacturer Code: TC3-VGA3.5mm
STD Code: Techconnect TC3 VGA3.5mm

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