Vision TM-IFP Electric Height Adjustable Interactive Display Lift

Vision TM-IFP Electric Height Adjustable Interactive Display Lift
 Vision TM-IFP Electric Height Adjustable Interactive Display LiftVision TM-IFP Electric Height Adjustable Interactive Display Lift 

Vision TM-IFP 3278717

Order Code:  3278717
Part Number:  TM-IFP
Manufacturer:  VISION



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VISION TM-IFP Electric Height Adjustable Display Stand

The Vision TM-IFP flat panel TV screen electric floor stand is designed to raise and lower a flat panel TV Screen effortlessly! by investing in the TM-IFP Users can now reach and engage with their audience in a more interactive way by lowering and raising the LED or LCD Screen to a comfortable height to use and also raise the TM-IFP to its full height so the audience can also see clearly.

The Vision TM-IFP floor stand was initially designed for large format displays and interactive touch LED/LCD Screens, however the TM-IFP also supports a wide range of VESA Mount fixings so will easily accommodate just about any screen size including TV's, touch screen displays and non interactive touch LED and LCD TV's and Display screens.

TM-IFP is Adjustable:
A Motorised powerful linear drive moves the interactive screen up and down safely and securely.

TM-IFP has a Remote Control:
A cabled remote control attached to the back of the Vision TM-IFP height adjustable Interactive Screen lift frame for discreet access.

TM-IFP Height Range:
Overall travel distance is 500mm. The maximum and minimum screen height is determined by the size of the Screen.

TM-IFP has a 90kg Load Rating:
The TM-IFP heavy duty Motor is designed lift a maximum screen weight load of 90Kg and the weight load is transferred though the sturdy floor plate which is bolted to the floor and wall braces are included to add upright stability to the assembly.

TM-IFP has VESA Screen Fixings:
The Screen attachment plates have VESA mounting points including:
Vesa 75x75 : Vesa 100 x 100 : Vesa 200 x 200
Vesa 200 x 400 : Vesa 300 x 300 : Vesa 400 x 200
Vesa 400 x 400 : Vesa 500 x 500 : Vesa 600 x 400 (for Promethean ActivPanels)
Vesa 800 x 400 : Vesa 800 x 600

Aluminum Construction:
The Vision TM-IFP extruded telescopic column hides all moving parts and provides rigidity.

Wall Support:
The Vision TM-IFP is supplied with 1 adjustable wall anchor bracket and provides additional support for the main column and allows skirting board and dado rail to pass behind the TM-IFP column.


The Vision TM-IFP is delivered flat pack, the included Floor Base plate, Wall Anchor Plates and Screen mounting bracket will require attaching to the main column using the included fixings.

Cable Management:
Snap-on cable management on the rear of the upright column with retracting reels which keep the look cables behind the flat panel out of sight.
Optional Extras: Mobile Stand and Shelf available separately.


TM-IFP : 3278717

Optional accessories:

TM-IFP SHELF : 3239284


(Screen not include)

1 x EU IEC Power cable 1.8m long
1 x UK IEC  Power cable 1.8m long

POWER SUPPLY: 240V 4.1A Internal Power Supply

WARRANTY: 2-year return to base

COMPLIANCES: RoHS, WEEE, and CE compliant

TM-IFP [SAP: 3000662]

Optional accessories:

TM-IFP SHELF 3239284

Without wheels: 1680 x 635 x 210 mm (height x width x depth in lowest position)
With wheels: 1850 x949 x 740mm
(height x width x depth in lowest position)
TM-IFP: 43 kg
Fixed to floor: 90" flat panel / 115kg Portable
(with wheels): 70" flat panel / 90kg
COLOUR: Black and Aluminium
800 x 600 mm
800 x400 mm
600 × 400 mm
500 x 500 mm
400 × 400 mm
400 × 200 mm
300 × 300 mm
200 × 400 mm
200 × 200 mm
100 × 100 mm
75 x75 mm
Motor Type: Linear - drive
Rated Cycles: 12000
Speed: 15mm/s
Pushing Force: 2000N
Pulling Force: 1800N
Travel Distance: 500mm
POWER SUPPLY: 240V 4.1A Internal Power Sup


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