Vision TC3-Pullup module 4875952

Vision TC3-Pullup module 4875952
Vision TC3-Pullup module 4875952Vision TC3-Pullup module 4875952Vision TC3-Pullup module 4875952Vision TC3-Pullup module 4875952
Vision Techconnect : TC3-Pullup
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Order Code:  4875952
Part Number:  TC3-Pullup
Manufacturer:  VISION



Approx 138 Units Available

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Vision Audio Visual : Installation : Innovation

Techconnect TC3 Pullup Module

Vision Techconnect TC3 Pullup professional AV face plate module is one of 18 modules from the Vision Techconnect AV module range that are available for the vision Techconnect TC3 custom av modular wall plate system.

Vision TC3-Pullup Module is designed to allow trailing cables to be pulled up from below the table keeping them tidy and at hand ready for use. Each TC3-Pullup module will accept Two cables, just about any cable can be fitted to the module, including HDMI, VGA, Audio, cloverleaf and figure-8 power cables and a the included weights provide a Smooth cable weight-assisted retraction.

The module hole diameters are 11mm (0.43") to allow cables to slid smoothly and cable stops are provided in the form of velcro wraps to prevent thin cables falling through.

Maximum Cable Diameter: Up to 7.8mm (0.3") in diameter can be used (Cables Not Included)


Manufacturer: Vision

Product: Vision Techconnect
Part Code: 4875952
Manufacturer Code: TC3-Pullup
STD Code: Techconnect TC3 Pullup


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