Vision TC3-AMP plus SP-1800 White Speaker Bundle

Vision TC3-AMP plus SP-1800 White Speaker Bundle

TC3-AMP+SP-1800 - 3692237

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Vision TC3-AMP plus SP-1800 Wall Speaker Bundle


Vision Techconnect TC3-AMP Digital wall mount amplifier module achieves 50W RMS Total (2 x 25w RMS) (at 8 ohms) by using the latest digital amplifier chip technology. New digital technology allows us to fit the amplifier into a small compact design like the Techconnect module, can be surface mounted, wall mounted or used as an In wall amplifier for amplifying TV and Video audio. (Vision TC3-AMP manual available for download in the Documents Tab)

Easy To Use: TC3-AMP has a simple clear control interface which makes the Amplifier easy to use, a long press on the volume dial to power on and off. Short press to change input. Because TC3-AMP Amplifier is so small it can be installed just about anywhere in the room and it is more convenient than traditional powered speakers where access to the controls can be awkward.Vision Techconnect TC3-AMP has two Inputs hard wired into the rear with removable phoenix connectors, however a new feature of this amplifier is that Input 1 is duplicated on the front panel with a 3.5mm mini jack socket. 

TC3-AMP Wall Mount Single Gang Back, Mounting Frame and Power Supply Included.

The Vision SP-1800 (White) passive Speakers are boxed as a matching pair they are sophisticated, elegant, and exceptionally discreet, our SP-1800 wall speakers are just the thing when you need clear, powerful audio reinforcement in a compact form factor, 50w RMS @ 8 ohms.

Vision SP-1800 speakers boast a warm low-end sound, well-rounded bass and smooth high frequencies that extend beyond 20kHz. Match these to a low-impedance amplifier and you'll be amazed how big they really sound!

Three Way Driver.
The Vision SP-1800 loudspeakers use three drivers; a woofer, a squawker, and a tweeter. Asking a driver to produce a wide range of frequencies is always a compromise, so dividing the sonic range into three means each driver has a narrower range of frequencies to produce, resulting in less distortion and clearer sound.

Base Reflex.
A bass reflex port in the Vision SP-1800 speakers allows greater excursion of the woofer, allowing the woofer to produce lower frequencies, and the phase-delayed movement of air from behind the woofer to the front reinforces the bass even more.

Rugged Grille.
A metal grille protects the drivers from physical interference.

Tough Finish.
The Vision SP-1800 speakers are constructed with tough ABS plastic, the finish withstands the rigors of the professional use.

SP-1800 Wall Mounting Bracket Included.
The Vision SP-1800 wall mount speaker come complete with a pair of sturdy wall mount brackets for easy installation, safety and optimal performance. The Horizontal adjustable C bracket  brackets allow the installer to easily angle up 30º or down 30º. Or leave the brackets off and use as shelf speakers.


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