Vision TC2-HDMIW20 20m HDMI Wireless 3223893

Vision TC2-HDMIW20 20m HDMI Wireless 3223893
Vision TC2-HDMIW20 20m HDMI Wireless 3223893Vision TC2-HDMIW20 20m HDMI Wireless 3223893Vision TC2-HDMIW20 20m HDMI Wireless 3223893

Vision TC2-HDMIW20 3223893

Order Code:  3223893
Part Number:  TC2-HDMIW20
Manufacturer:  VISION



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Vision TC2-HDMIW20 Wireless HDMI Up To 20 Meters

Vision TC2-HDMIW20 can send HDMI Video signals wirelessly around your home or office with leading-edge WHDI technology. Currently the best wireless technology available, WHDI by Amimon sends uncompressed HD video with no compromise. Vision’s TC2-HDMIW20 wireless HDMI unit sets the standard in reliability, with superb uncompressed 1080p video and zero delay.

20m Range
The Vision TC2-HDMIW20 has a range of between 2 to 20 meters for HD content. Too close or too far away and the image will degrade. It uses the same 5GHz band that modern wifi wireless routers use so the transmitter and receiver can be hidden and the signal passes through dry-walls just like your laptop wifi. It uses Dynamic Frequency Selection (DFS) to select a clear channel for transmission.

Integrated Switcher
The Vision TC2-HDMIW20 transmitter features two HDMI inputs so you can connect multiple sources in a busy environment. An HDMI output on the transmitter passes the selected source on to a local screen..

Remote Control
A remote control is included with the Vision TC2-HDMIW20 which changes the input on the transmitter and It can also be used from either the transmitter or receiver.

IR Pass-though
If your source device has a remote control e.g. Blu-ray or satellite tuner you can use the remote control for these devices at the receiver. A cabled IR receiver plugs into the transmitter which receives your remote control commands and passes them back to the transmitter, then through a cabled IR emitter to the source.

Corporate or Consumer
With its extended range, 128 bit encryption, and advanced features this product is suited to professional AV applications in meeting rooms and boardrooms. It can also be used in schools and at home to get content from A to B without running cables.

Banish ugly cables
The Vision TC2-HDMIW20 system allows all HDMI Video source equipment to be hidden away. Switching to wireless eliminates cables and face plates and keeps your decor clean and uncluttered.

Vision TC2-HDMIW20 supports up to 1080p and if a 40MHz channel is available it will support 3D. It is HDMI 1.3 with full 5.1 audio and HDCP 1.2 compliance. Note HDMI 1.4 features not supported are ARC (Audio Return Channel), Ethernet, and 4K.

WHDI vs Other Technology
It can be hard to tell which wireless technology is best. Intel’s® WIDI allows you to send from any Windows laptop which has a new Intel processor to a Miracast receiver. The Miracast receiver can also display content from iOS or Android devices. And while some new products are emerging which work for Mac as well, all of these products require fiddly setup. Vision’s WHDI wireless products make it really simple: they work with any device which has an HDMI output.


pdf download Vision TC2-HDMIW20 User Manual


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