TC2-AMP3 Vision Wall Amplifier 2760294

TC2-AMP3 Vision Wall Amplifier 2760294
TC2-AMP3 Vision Wall Amplifier 2760294TC2-AMP3 Vision Wall Amplifier 2760294TC2-AMP3 Vision Wall Amplifier 2760294TC2-AMP3 Vision Wall Amplifier 2760294

Vision Techconnect : TC2-AMP3

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Part Number:  TC2-AMP3
Manufacturer:  VISION



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VISION TC2-AMP3 Techconnect Stereo Wall Amplifier

Vision Techconnect TC2-AMP3 Digital wall mount amplifier module achieves 2 x 20w RMS (at 8 ohms) by using the latest digital amplifier chip technology. New digital technology allows us to fit the amplifier into a small compact design like the Techconnect module, can be surface mounted, wall mounted or used as an In wall amplifier for amplifying TV and Video audio. (Vision TC2-AMP3 manual available for download in the Documents Tab)

Soft Blue LED Display & illuminated Buttons: TC2-AMP3 has a clear display makes the product easy to use and a simple soft-control interface gives instant access to controls. Because the control panel can be installed anywhere in the room it is more convenient than traditional powered speakers where access to the controls can be awkward.

Vision Techconnect TC2-AMP3 has two Inputs hard wired into the rear with removable phoenix connectors, however a new feature of this amplifier is that Input 1 is duplicated on the front panel with a 3.5mm mini jack socket. 

Green D-Class Amplifier: Vision TC2-AMP3 Digital amplifier use no power unless they are amplifying program, so even on at full volume; unless it is receiving input it is effectively off. Digital amplifiers also have the advantage of running cold so a bulky heat sink is not necessary but don't let it's size deceive you: the Techconnect Amp3 can drive into a 4 ohm load allowing you to power up to four speakers. 

Connect up to 4 Vision Speakers:
Standard: 1 x 8 Ohms Speaker per Channel
4 Speaker Setup: 2 x 8 Ohms Speakers per channel wired in Parallel = 4 ohms
speakers in parallel

Easy To Install and Uninstall: Vision have paid special attention to creating a robust product that is simple and easy to install, the inputs and outputs on the TC2-AMP3 are all via removable phoenix connectors which allow non-technical end users to install the amplifier very quickly and also easily uninstall the amplifier if required. The short input cables included are typically connected to the rear of adjacent input modules on the VISION Techconnect or you can indeed connect a source directly. 

Remote Control Included: IR receivers are positioned on the front for normal use and on the rear for integration with a control system such as the Techconnect TC2-CTL.

Power Supply Included: The TC2-AMP3 Amplifier uses a laptop style power transformer. To hide the power supply out of the way you can simply purchase a spare double-gang backbox (TC2BACKBOX2G) and blank surround (TC2SURR2GB) as shown in the Vision Techconnect product guide alternatively you could hide it away under a floor or In a Wall or ceiling void. The amplifier module is equivalent to 2 single modules so can be inserted into a Vision double gang AV surround along with an additional 3 single techconnect AV modules. 

Applications: This product is perfect when you don't have furniture to sit a large amplifier on or simply don't have the space for a larger amplifier like the Vision AV-1600. The Vision amplifier module TC2-AMP3 can be either flush mounted into the wall or existing dado cable containment or by using the supplied surface mount box. The TC2-AMP3 amp can also be removed from its supplied housing and form part of the Techconnect modular connection AV wall connection plate range and seamlessly looks like part of the connector faceplate.

Just in case the volume needs adjustment the amplifier will always remain fixed in one place and close at hand, because the amplifier is secured to the wall it's much less obvious as a target for theft, making it perfect for training rooms, boardrooms, and classrooms.

Included with the TC2-AMP3 comes with a single-gang back box and front surround, You can even mount the amplifier module in a double-gang surround, the amplifier module is equivalent to 2 single modules so can be inserted into a Vision double gang AV surround along with an additional 3 single techconnect AV modules. You could even mount this module at the side of any existing AV wall plate.



1 x 44mm Deep UK Single-gang Surface Mount Backbox
1 x Single-gang Surround
2 x 150mm input cables
2 x Unshielded Speaker cable 5m long
1 x Remote Control with batteries

POWER SUPPLY: 100-240v 50/60Hz AC External Power Supply – 12 volt / 4 amp.  
Laptop-style transformer. Includes 4 x 0.5m figure-8 power cables: UK/EU/US/AU. DC tail length: 4m.
Transformer dimensions: 108 x 50 x 33mm


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