Vision TM-TELE Telescopic Projector Mount 2418655

Vision TM-TELE Telescopic Projector Mount 2418655
 Vision TM-TELE Telescopic Projector Mount 2418655Vision TM-TELE Telescopic Projector Mount 2418655 

Vision TM-TELE 2418655

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Order Code:  2418655
Part Number:  TM-TELE
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Vision TM-TELE Telescopic Projector Mount

Vision TM-TELE telescopic universal projector ceiling mounting kit designed to fit 99% of all small to medium sized data projectors safety and sturdily to a ceiling and can be quickly assembly into a number of different configurations.

The TM-TELE (Telescopic) projector mount design allows fast deployment and adjustment without the need to cut or drill the pole. It has a greater range than most other telescopic mounts (470mm - 740mm) and the pole can be removed for "flush-mounting" the projector as close to the ceiling as possible.

Height adjustable (no need to cut) and the Vision TM-TELE will fit 99% of all small to medium sized data projectors including: Epson, Hitachi, Sony, NEC and many more.

Tilting Adapter:
TM-TELE Allows the Tilting of the universal projector mount to a full 90 degrees.

Safety Approved:
In line with best practice the Vision Techmount TM-TELE projector mount comes with a safety fall-arrest tether which can be used to secure the projector to the bracket and the TM-TELE bracket has been Independently tested on calibrated test equipment measured a breaking-strain of half a ton! Vision recommend a maximum safe working load of 10kg which is well within limits.

Easy To Install:
The Vision TM-TELE universal projector spider bracket to the projector is simple, most projectors have threaded inserts in the bottom of the projector for attaching to a projector bracket or mount and Not all projectors use the same diameter screws so Vision provide a selection to suit almost all projectors.

Cable Management:
Cables can easily be routed from the mounting plate and through the pipe for a nice clean tidy installation (Some disassemble might be required.

Finish the job properly:
Enhance aesthetics with the retro-fit trim disk which can be installed after the projector is mounted to the ceiling, ideal for false-ceiling environments and through plasterboard ceilings to properly finish off the projector installation.

Tools Included:
The Vision TM-TELE projector mount bracket comes completes with a spanner and pin-hex keys.

Also Included:

1 x H50 Pin-Hex key
1 x 17mm Spanner
4 x M2.5 43mm pan slot for Optoma & Acer
4 x M3 43mm screws
4 x M4 43mm screws
4 x M5 43mm screws
4 x M6 43mm screws
4 x M8 50mm Ceiling Fixtures with rawl plugs
1 x Safety Tether


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