Vision TC3-CTL AV Control Panel - 3446596

Vision TC3-CTL AV Control Panel - 3446596
Vision TC3-CTL AV Control Panel - 3446596Vision TC3-CTL AV Control Panel - 3446596Vision TC3-CTL AV Control Panel - 3446596Vision TC3-CTL AV Control Panel - 3446596

Vision TC3-CTL 3446596

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Order Code:  3446596
Part Number:  TC3-CTL
Manufacturer:  VISION



Approx 95 Units Available


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Vision TC3-CTL Universal AV Controller

Vision TC3-CTL is a 6 button multi-function universal AV controller panel for controlling Projectors, Projector Screens and other Audiovisual devices.

Free Downloadable Controller Software for advanced programming features turns the Vision TC3-CTL AV Control Panel into one of the most simple and flexible professional AV RS232 and IR control system device available.

A simple yet elegant and very flexible control panel device the TC3-CTL can be programmed to replicate and control just about any device that has an IR receiver or RS-232 Control including Projectors, Projector screens, TVs, DVDs and Amplifiers and just about any other type of devices that can be operated by Infra-Red, RS-232, RS-485 or 12v trigger and will only present the users with the functions they need or use every day. No tech support calls, No losing remote controls and self contained in a secure wall mounted unit.

Remotes are all too often lost, stolen or just simply mislaid and in most instances a manufactures replacement remote is not all ways readily available, cheap or easy to find which often results in the the equipment not been used. Installing a Vision Techconnect TC3-CTL can resolves all these problems.

Simple Programming Mode
For single button command programming i.e.. controlling just one device like a projector, hold down the two center buttons on the TC3-CTL to put Control3 into learn mode, press the button on the TC3-CTL that you want to program, point the original device remote at the front of the Control3. and press the button you want to learn. Button 2 “Off” is pre-set to send the code twice for projectors, and the bottom buttons 5 and 6 are preconfigured to send codes repeatedly when held down to replicate the function of a volume control.

Advanced Programming Mode
Connect the TC3-CTL directly to a PC and use the free downloadable software (Documents Tab) to allocate up to 3 x RS-232 or 3 x IR codes or 3x 12v trigger commands or a mixture of all three types of command to be programmed individually to each of the 6 buttons. Commands for each button can be sent simultaneously, sequentially, or repeatedly if you hold the button down.

Button Labels
Clear caps unclip off the buttons from the front to allow label changes. A set of printed labels are included or you can Download the Vision TC3-CTL custom button template from the "Documents Tab" to create and print your own custom TC3-CTL button labels.

Other TC3-CTL features include:
I.R. (Infra-red) Control
RS-232 and 485 Protocol Control
Backlit buttons
Pre-Printed button Labels
Piggy Back 2 x TC3 CTL Units for 6 Button Control
12v Trigger for RF controlled Screens
Mains Powered (Transformer Included)
Battery Powered (limited Functionality)

Note: RS-232 and 485
These two protocols use the same codes but RS-485 only requires two cables and can be run a longer distance. Note: a projector with an RS-232 port will not be able to decode RS-485 signal.

Note: The Vision TC3 Range ARE NOT BACKWARD COMPATIBLE with previous TC2 Mounting Frames or Modules.

The new TC3 range use smaller modules and will not fit into the TC2 frame, unfortunately if you need to replace a TC2 module and its no longer available you will have to upgrade your existing frame and modules to TC3.

Want to know more about Vision TC3 and the transition from Vision TC2 to Vision TC3 Download the Vision TC2 - Vision TC3 Cheat Sheet

Vison Techconnect TC3-CTL Included Accessories.

1 x Power Supply
5 x Blanking buttons
1 x Labels
1 x Single-Gang TC3 Techconnect Backbox
1 x Single-Gang TC3 Techconnect Surround
1 x IR Blaster with 10m cable
1 x IR Blaster with 150mm cable (terminated with female minijack)


PRODUCT DIMENSIONS: 71 x 42 x 31mm / 2.8″ x 1.65″ x 1.22″ (length x width x height)

BACKBOX DIMENSIONS: 86 x 86 x 45mm / 3.39″ x 3.39″ x 1.77″

SURROUND DIMENSIONS: 86 x 86 x 8mm / 3.39″ x 3.39″ x 0.31″

PACKAGED DIMENSIONS: 180 x 150 x 63 mm / 7.09″ x 5.91″ x 2.48″

PRODUCT WEIGHT: 63 grams / 0,14 lb

PACKAGED WEIGHT: 0.5kg / 1.1 lb



POWER SUPPLY: 100-240v AC 50/60Hz 12 volt / 0.5 amp
Transformer integrated into plug. Includes interchangeable plugs: UK/EU/US/AU. DC tail length: 4m. Transformer dimensions: 66 x 43 x 30mm / 2.6″ x 1.69″ x 1.18″

PDF Vision TC3-CTL User Manual

TC3-CTL Controller Wiring for RS-232 devices

Vision TC2-CTL3 Custom Button Template Vision TC3-CTL Custom Button Template

Vision Techconnect custom button template will enable you to print off your own button labels.

Requires: Microsoft Excel
File password: tc2-ctl3
Select Read Only, Enter Your custom button label names and print

Vision TC3-CTL Software:

Platform Compatibility: Windows 7. Windows 8


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