TC2-CTL2 AV Control System

TC2-CTL2 AV Control System
TC2-CTL2 AV Control SystemTC2-CTL2 AV Control SystemTC2-CTL2 AV Control SystemTC2-CTL2 AV Control SystemTC2-CTL2 AV Control System

Manufacturer: Vision
Product: Techaudio
Part Code: 1872511
Manufacturer Code: TC2 CTL2
STD Code: TC2-CTL2

Order Code:  1872511-DIS
Part Number:  TC2-CTL2
Manufacturer:  Vision Audiovisual



No stock, discontinued


Vision Audiovisual

Vision TC2-CTL2 Techconnect 3 In 1 AV Control System.

TC2-CTL2 has now been replaced With TC2-CTL3 Click here for more info

The Vision TC2-CTL2 IR Control system replicates common functions of a Projector remote control, Projector screen remote control, TV, DVD remote control Amplifier and other AV equipment. Remotes are all too often lost, stolen or just simply mislaid and in most instances a manufactures replacement remote is not all ways readily available, cheap or easy to find which often results in the the equipment not been used.

Vision TC2-CTL2 IR Control - 3 In 1 universal AV controller Unit in place before the original remotes mysteriously disappear. To program the Vision Control TC2-CTL2 the original working remote is required.

"No more hunt the remote" never loose your projector, Projector Screen and Amplifier remote control again the Vision TC2-CTL2 Control is designed to be secured to the wall so that it will always close at hand when you need it.

Vision TC2-CTL2 Multi-Device Control. The module learns codes for up to three AV devices. Press ON once to drop the screen, turn the projector, and turn the amplifier on.

Mains Power Option The Control Vision TC2-CTL2 module comes with a 3 Volt lithium battery that will last under normal use for approximately 6-12 months. 

For increased life when using the TC2-AMP2 the TC2-CTL2 can share the power supply provided with the Techconnect Amplifier or powered independently with the TC2 CTL2PWR.1872512. this power supply is available separately.


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