Smart Learning Suite - Renewal / Extension License

Smart Learning Suite - Renewal / Extension License
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Part Number:  ED-SW-EXT-3 - 3 Year Extension License
Manufacturer:  Smart

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Approx 2,651 Units Available

Smart Learning Suite 3 Year Renewal Software License Key

Buy Smarttech Education only Smart Learning Suite Software 3 Year Renewal License for Smart Branded Interactive Whiteboards and Smart Interactive Touch Screens provides you with 3 years of software upgrades and Smarttech online support.

Who Should Purchase this license?

If you have previously registered your Smart Product and been using a Smart Notebook software version that is newer than V11.4 and your Smart advantage / Learning Suite license has or is about to expire you will need to purchase this RENEWAL License and not the Initial License.

Smart Learning Suite combine lesson delivery, assessment, student collaboration and game-based learning software with this ultimate education suite. Best of all, you don't just get Smart Notebook you also get the following 3 leading education software platforms for one simple price and that's why its called Smart Learning Suite.

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SMART Notebook®
The world’s premiere education software, SMART Notebook® facilitates engaging and hands-on learning experiences while providing the flexibility to respond to the needs of learners on the fly.
SMART lab™
SMART lab gives teachers customizable templates to create game-based activities in minutes. The quality graphics, sounds and compatibility with a variety of student devices, including Chromebooks, keep students engaged for hours.
SMART response® 2
What better way to ensure student success than to instantly see how well they’ve understood a lesson? Create a question set in under 5 minutes that students can answer on desktop computers, laptops, tablets or phones.
SMART amp™
A collaborative workspace where you can share and work on lesson content, SMART amp brings the whole class, groups of students or individuals together to work on projects, add multimedia content and instant message.

buy smart learningsuite licence for smart notebook


Click here for SMART Learning Suite FAQ.

You are purchasing 1 x Smart Learning Suite Renewal User license valid for 3 years and suitable for use with 1 x Smart branded interactive touch screen or Smart Board only, you will require a separate license for each Smart Screen that you have

To purchase this license we will require the model and serial number of your Smartboard or Smart interactive touch Screen.

Note: Each Smarttech Smartboard or Smart touch Screen requires an individual license, simply purchase more from above as required.

Delivery if free via email to the end user, lead time is 2-4 working days. Once you have made your purchase please send us a photograph of your Smart Board / Screen serial Number, without documentation of the Smart Screen or Smart Board serial number registration cannot be made and your order will be cancelled.

To Purchase this License we will require the serial number of your Smart board or Smart Touch Screen. The Serial number of a Smartboard can found on the bottom right hand edge and will look something like SB-*** - XXXXXXXXX, for Smart interactive Flat panels the model and serial number can be found on the back of the screen.

Click here to Download a full-featured copy of the current version of Notebook software and use it for 45 days without a license key.

After the trial period has ended, the software will stop working unless a valid license key is entered. If you choose to purchase the software, you may enter your license key to turn your trial into a fully licensed subscription to SMART Learning Suite.

Download:  Smart Learning Suite Information sheet


Technical requirements

The minimum and suggested hardware and software required to use Easiteach is:

  Minimum Recommended

Operating system

Standalone computers using
Windows® XP SP3 (32 Bit), Windows Vista™SP2 (32 or 64 Bit) or Windows 7 (32 or 64 Bit)

Mac OS 10.6.8, 10.7.2 (Intel)

Standalone computers using
Windows 7 (32 or 64 Bit)


Windows: 1.8GHz+
Mac: 2GHz+

Windows: 2.5GHz+
Mac: 3.06GHz


Windows: 512MB
Mac: 2GB

Windows: 1GB
Mac: 4GB


Windows: 500MB
Mac: 10GB

Windows: 1GB
Mac 10GB

Graphics card

64 MB



1024 x 768

1024 x 768 or above

The following prerequisites are required for Windows®:

Microsoft® .Net Framework 4 Client Profile
Microsoft® Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable
Adobe® Flash Player v11 for non-Internet Explorer® browsers
Windows® Media Player 11 or above
Windows Media 9 Codec
OGG Video / Audio Codec
Microsoft® Windows® Image Acquisition Library Automation Layer

The following prerequisites are required for Mac:

XiphQT(decoders).component v 0.1.9
XiphQT.component v 0.1.9
ffmpeg2theora v 0.27
Adobe® Flash Player v 11

Find out more about the software that comes with Smart Learning Suite.

download Smart Lesson Activity Builder Brochure

download Smart Learning Suite Fact sheet

download Smart Amp Brochure


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