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Vision TC3 Modular AV Wall Plates and Cables

Thursday, 12 May 2016  |  Admin

Vision TC3 Techconnect Faceplate Custom AV wall plates kits are very easy to assemble and install (No soldering required) Vision TC3 AV Wall Plates are suitable for all types of audio visual connection and solder free cabling termination making the Vision TC3 Techconnect modular faceplate and AV Wall Plates ideal for non technical people.

The Vision Techconnect TC3 faceplate AV Wall Plates are flexible and quick to install, add additional TC3 AV modules to the Vision Techconnect Kits from a selection of over 20 snap in modules. Vision Techconnect TC3 AV Wall Plates is ideal for Education, Corporate and Home-Cinema Applications, Bespoke and Custom design installation requirements.

Custom AV Wall Plate Snap-In Modules.

Vision Techconnect TC3 is the only family of audiovisual AV wall plates and Wall Plate modules that seamlessly integrates connectivity of Home Cinema, Sky TV, Sky+, Sky HD, Audio, Video, Amplification and AV Control.

Choose from a single gang AV Wall Plate or Double Gang AV Wall Plate (White Only). Single Gang AV Plates holds 2 singular Snap-In AV Modules or 1 Double Module. Double gang AV wall plate will hold up to 5 singular modules or 1 Double Module and 3 Single Modules

Please note: Vision Techconnect TC3 modular AV plates are made up of three main parts.

1 - Back Box or Mud-Ring
2 - Surround: Single Gang Surround Holds 2 single Modules & Double Gang Holds 5.
3 - Modules ** The Vision Techconnect TC3 AMP - TC3 Control - TC3 SPEAKON - TC3 XLRF - TC3 XLRF and TC3 XLRM modules are all equivalent to 2 single modules, Power Sockets are equivalent to 3.

Vision Techconnect TC3 Plates and Modules are only available in White.
Not Compatible with: Euro Plate or any other manufacture wall plates or Face Plate System.