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Vision TC3 Modular AV Wall Plates and Cables

Thursday, 12 May 2016  |  Admin

Vision TC3 Techconnect Faceplate Custom AV wall plates kits are very easy to assemble and install (No soldering required) Vision TC3 AV Wall Plates are suitable for all types of audio visual connection and solder free cabling termination making the Vision TC3 Techconnect modular faceplate and AV Wall Plates ideal for non technical people.

The Vision Techconnect TC3 faceplate AV Wall Plates are flexible and quick to install, add additional TC3 AV modules to the Vision Techconnect Kits from a selection of over 20 snap in modules. Vision Techconnect TC3 AV Wall Plates is ideal for Education, Corporate and Home-Cinema Applications, Bespoke and Custom design installation requirements.

Custom AV Wall Plate Snap-In Modules.

Vision Techconnect TC3 is the only family of audiovisual AV wall plates and Wall Plate modules that seamlessly integrates connectivity of Home Cinema, Sky TV, Sky+, Sky HD, Audio, Video, Amplification and AV Control.

Choose from a single gang AV Wall Plate or Double Gang AV Wall Plate (White Only). Single Gang AV Plates holds 2 singular Snap-In AV Modules or 1 Double Module. Double gang AV wall plate will hold up to 5 singular modules or 1 Double Module and 3 Single Modules

Please note: Vision Techconnect TC3 modular AV plates are made up of three main parts.

1 - Back Box or Mud-Ring
2 - Surround: Single Gang Surround Holds 2 single Modules & Double Gang Holds 5.
3 - Modules ** The Vision Techconnect TC3 AMP - TC3 Control - TC3 SPEAKON - TC3 XLRF - TC3 XLRF and TC3 XLRM modules are all equivalent to 2 single modules, Power Sockets are equivalent to 3.

Vision Techconnect TC3 Plates and Modules are only available in White.
Not Compatible with: Euro Plate or any other manufacture wall plates or Face Plate System.

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Vision TC3-CTL - RS232 - IR AV Control

Monday, 9 May 2016  |  Admin

We are pleased to introduce the new Vision TC3-CTL RS232 and IR Control system, Vision Control can be used as either a standalone AV control system or as part of the Vision modular Av wall plate system.

The Vision TC2-CTL3 has undergone a revamp and now called TC3-CTL, retaining some of the features of TC2-CTL3, TC2-CTL1 and TC2-CTL2 but now with a screw-less front panel and different mounting plate, Back illuminated buttons, LED Display plus a more stable and robust programming platform for use as a standalone simple IR controller or a more complex controller when used with the included downloadable software for programming and learning both multiple and single RS232 and IR control command codes via a computer same as TC2-CTL3.

Just like the TC2-CTL1 and TC2-CTL2 TC2-CTL3 TC3-CTL can simulate functions of up to thee individual devices by the press of 1 button using IR technology and still equivalent in size to two single Vision TC2 AV modules or one single gang AV plate that is equivalent to the size as a standard UK power socket.

The TC3-CTL is powered by the supplied power supply or standalone by 2 x AA battery (Not Supplied / Limited Functionality) minimum depth required for this module is 44mm.

Most commonly used in Simple IR mode for controlling a Projector or in advance mode so that:

Press Button 1: Projector turns On / Electric Screen comes Down / Amplifier Turns On

Press Button 2: Projector turns Off / Electric Screen goes up / Amplifier Turns Off

Press Button 3: Projector input (VGA or HDMI)

Press Button 4: Input Search / Source

Press Button 5: Aspect ratio or Auto Setup

Press Button 6: Mute Video

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We Accept Official Public Sector Purchase Orders : No Credit Card Required

Monday, 12 May 2014  |  Admin

Ordering for Schools, Academies, Colleges, Universities Etc.

Pay by Invoice - 30 Day Credit!

Please ensure that you have authority to place the order and that your accounts department are made aware of your purchase:

Purchase Order Process.

1: Add your items to the basket and proceed to the Check out.

2: Create a new account or Log into your existing account.

3: Enter your E-mail Address, Accounts Invoice E-Mail Address, Purchasing / Delivery Address, Purchase Order Number.

4: On the next screen select payment method "Bank Transfer"

5: Press "Submit" to complete the checkout process.

6: An official Purchase order should be raised for the invoice amount and made payable to Touch AV Ltd at the address detailed on your invoice.

Your purchase order can be sent to us via Email by replying to your order conformation.

That's it!

For reference Your invoice is attached to your order conformation email and also available by logging into you online account, please pass your invoice on to your accounts department for payment.

All Purchase orders are processed manually, if we don't receive your official purchase order number and an email address for your accounts department your order may be postponed, if there is a anomaly with the delivery address information, contact Information or purchase order we will contact the purchaser direct.

If you have forgotten to enter your purchase order number click the GO BACK button, (Located below the delivery address post code) you will then have to re-select "Bank Transfer" on the next page.

Once we have received your order and confirmed that everything is correct and in order your goods will be dispatched. You will then have 30 days from date of receiving your order to pay for the goods .

When payment is due you can pay by BACS Transfer or Cheque (Details are on the bottom of your invoice). Prompt payment will obviously put you in good stead for future purchases, late payments will have the reverse affect.

Purchas Order Number

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Vision Techconnect Product Training Video

Tuesday, 18 March 2014  |  Admin


Vision navigator Training is a free online Infocomm-level training course for audio-visual professionals and customers wanting a better insight to how Vision Techconnect products can be connected and configured. Each session is centered around a Vision product and encompasses technical and product training.

Vision supports excellence in AV.

Each session is embedded with multi-choice questions. Your results will be sent to Vision to confirm you have completed each session. On completion you will become a Certified Vision Navigator with physical certificates available on request. Select a link below to begin.

Computer Based Training

Note: the videos are flash based and will not work on IPad.

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Vision Techconnect TC3-AMP Wall Amplifier

Monday, 2 December 2013  |  Admin

Vision Techconnect TC2-AMP2 and TC2-AMP3 has now been replaced by the TC3-AMP a 40W (20w Per Channel) small digital stereo amplifier, suitable for many different audio enhancement applications.

The TC3-AMP will fit into a standard UK back box or recess that has a depth of at least 44mm or can be recessed flush into a cavity wall. Many applications include Kitchens, bathroom, conservatories, school classrooms, offices and training facilities.

The new version of the Vision Techconnect TC3-AMP is the same physical size and reliability of TC2-AMP but enhanced with a slightly more robust power supply.

TC3-AMP can be purchased as a standalone unit or complimented with the Vision SP-1600 book shelf / wall mount style Speakers or the CS-1600 flush mount ceiling speakers.


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