TC2 Wall Plate Modules (Clip-In)

Vision TC2 Custom AV Wall Plate Snap-In Modules.

Please note: The Techconnect TC2 range are now at the END of there life and have been replaced with TC3, TC2 Frames and Modules are not compatible with the new Vision TC3 range. 

Vision Techconnect TC2 modular AV plates are made up of three main parts.

1 - Back Box or Mud-Ring
2 - Surround: Single Gang Surround Holds 2 single Modules & Double Gang Holds 5.
3 - Modules ** The Vision Techconnect TC2 AMP - TC2 Control - TC2 SPEAKON - TC2 XLRF - TC2 XLRF and TC2 XLRM modules are all equivalent to 2 single modules, Power Sockets are equivalent to 3.

Vision Techconnect TC2 Plates and Modules are only available in White.
Not Compatible with: Vision TC3 - Euro Plate or any other manufacture wall plates or Face Plate System.

Download the Techconnect Product Catalogue - PDFVision EU Product Brochure

Download the Techconnect Installation - PDFModule Wiring & Connection Manual


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