TC2 Modular Frames

Vision TC2 Wall Plate Frames for Techconnect  TC2 Snap-In Modules

Please note: Vision Techconnect TC2 modular AV plate system is made up of three main parts.

1 - Back Box or Mud-Ring
2 - Frame Surround: Single Gang Frame Holds 2 single Modules & Double Gang Frame Holds 5.
3 - Modules ** The Vision Techconnect TC2 AMP - TC2 Control - TC2 SPEAKON - TC2 XLRF - TC2 XLRF and TC2 XLRM modules are all equivalent to 2 single modules.

Vision Techconnect TC2 AV Module Mounting Frames are only available in White.
Not Compatible with: Vision TC3 - Euro Plate or any other manufacture wall plates or Face Plate System.

Download the Techconnect Product Catalogue - PDFVision EU Product Brochure

Download the Techconnect Installation - PDFModule Wiring & Connection Manual

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