Vision TC2-TILT2-PU AV Table Box 3375121

Vision TC2-TILT2-PU AV Table Box 3375121
Vision TC2-TILT2-PU AV Table Box 3375121Vision TC2-TILT2-PU AV Table Box 3375121Vision TC2-TILT2-PU AV Table Box 3375121
Vision TC2-TILT 3375121

Order Code:  3375121-DIS
Part Number:  TC2-TILT2-PU
Manufacturer:  VISION



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Vision TC2-TILT-PU Desk Mount AV Connection Plate

Vision TC2-TILT2-PU is based around the standard Techconnect TC2-Tilt2 Tilt table box / Floor Box, designed for simple integration and to compliment modern meeting room decor with sleek design and quality materials. The TC2-Tilt2-PU includes 5 x pull up modules (1 or 2 cables per module) to allow convenient placement of the AV faceplate in a table or floor surface within easy reach to eliminate trip hazards.

Future Proof

If at any time you want to change the way your Vision TC2-Tilt-PU table faceplate is configured you can change or replace parts as required with the Vision Techconnect TC2 Modules.

The Vision TC2-SURR2G frame that hold the modules can be mounted at the top just under the lid to give easy access to modules. Vision offer simple packages below which contain the basic connectivity modules you need to get started, or you can buy the Techconnect Tilt2 box without modules and add what you need. The clever modular design allows even a Techconnect Control or Amplifier module to be integrated into the table.


The TC2 Tilt module frame can be fitted 65mm below the surface, allowing the Tilt 2 to be used in Pull-Up mode which allows up to ten cables (1 or 2 cables per module) to be pulled up through the faceplate. Any cable of any length can be pulled up and weights are included to help retract the cables after use. Note: the maximum thickness of cables is 8mm.

Other face plates offer one or two power sockets but using the Vision’s pull up table faceplate means you can accommodate enough power and AV connectivity for everyone at the table.

Using a simple manually operated flip-up lid that will open to 130 degrees increases reliability because there is no gas rams or Motors which can be prone to failure.

INCLUDED:  1 x Double Gang Frame plus 5 x Pull Up modules

DIMENSIONS: 163mm long x 126mm wide x 96mm deep

CUTOUT Required: 151 x 114mm

Vision Techconnect Tilt (TC2-Tilt 2-PU). 

Manufacturer: Vision
Product: Vision Techconnect
Part Code:
Manufacturer Code: TC2-Tilt2-PU
STD Code: Techconnect TC2TILT2 PU


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