5v 2A Power Supply Vision TC2-P5V2A 2940996

5v 2A Power Supply Vision TC2-P5V2A 2940996

Vision TC2-P5V2A 2940996

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(5v 2A DC) 5 volt / 2 amp power supply Vision TC2-P5V2A primarily designed as a spare power supply for Vision Techconnect TC2-HDMI14 / TC2-HDMI41 / TC2-VGAHDMI / TC2-HDMIIP / TC2 HDMITP / TC2 USBTP2.

The low voltage cable can be cut leaving bare ended wires which can then be used for soldering to a plug, connecting to a chock block or used for other applications requiring a transformer rated at 5v 2A.

Transformer Style: Transformer integrated into plug

Mains Power: 220-240v

DC Output: 5v 2A

Includes 4 x interchangeable Snap on plugs: UK/EU/US/AU

Low Voltage (DC) cable tail length: 4m.

Transformer dimensions: 66 x 43 x 32mm

[Note: the standard PSUs for these product have a 1.8m DC tail - apart from TC2 HDMITP and TC2 USBTP2]

Please Note:

Some of the Vision power Supplies (PSU) are supplied as universal fit i.e. Some Vision products use a power supply with a plug connection and some use the and Screw phoenix connector.

If you receive a PSU with a plug connector but you require a wired phoenix connector, you will have received a universal PSU

First check that the voltage and Amp rating of both PSU's are the same then simply remove the low voltage plug by cutting off, neatly bare each of the wires and reconnect to the screw phoenix connector taken from the faulty PSU.

Forgotten which connection was positive and negative, the PSU positive + wire has a thin White or Gray stripe and the phoenix power socket on the Vision unit will also be marked + & - plug the screw phoenix connector plug back into the device it came from and  match the PSU wire with white/gray stripe to the + terminal then connect the - wire.


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