400x600 Portrait Screen Wall Mount Bracket - VFM-W4X6 4934294

400x600 Portrait Screen Wall Mount Bracket - VFM-W4X6 4934294
 400x600 Portrait Screen Wall Mount Bracket - VFM-W4X6 4934294400x600 Portrait Screen Wall Mount Bracket - VFM-W4X6 4934294 

VESA 400x600

Our Price:  £40.95(£49.14 Inc. VAT)

Order Code:  4934294
Part Number:  VFM-W4x6



Approx 48 Units Available

VFM-W4X6 Universal Portrait Flat Panel Wall Mount 400x600

Vision’s Vision Flat-panel Mount VFM-W4X6 portrait flat panel mount bracket is designed by Vision’s engineering team for professional AV installers. This mount is no-compromise: very strong, fast to install, highly adjustable,  everything included. The VFM-W4X6 fits any flat-panel LCD or LED screen which has rear mounting holes up to 400 wide x 600 mm tall apart.

Heavy Duty

Interactive flat panels are large and very heavy. Vision’s VFM-W4X6 uses heavy gauge sheet metal to take the weight up to SWL 100 kg / 220 lb safely.

Everything Included

Vision includes everything you need including a load of M5, 6, and 8 bolts in varying lengths to fix the vertical arms to the rear of the display.

For 37-75" Displays

VFM-W4X6 Fits most displays from 37-75″ subject to VESA pattern and weight limit. Note: curved screens are not supported by this mount.

Designed for Professionals

A proven design allows fast fixing to stud or masonry walls. Vertically slotted holes on the horizontal part allowing leveling adjustment after fixing, and side to side adjustment.

Latches Securely

The display latches on the horizontal section of teh VFM-W4X6 as the display is hung in place. Snap the plastic pull-rods off to length so they are hidden behind the display. Give the pull-rods a downward tug to unlatch the display.

Side by Side

Two horizontal sections can be fixed together side by side for dual-display video conference or huddle room applications. Or extend the horizontal to bridge wide load bearing points in a wall.




Meets ADA Regulations

The thin design holds the display just 30 mm / 1.2″ off the wall. This looks better, reduces snagging risk, and because the load is close to the wall the mount has a higher safe working load rating.

Hide Media Player

Thoughtfully placed VESA 100 x 100 mm holes on the horizontal part  allow a thin media player to fix behind the display out of sight.

Optional Rotation

A rotary bearing assembly can be added, allowing the display to be turned from portrait to landscape. For this reason the vertical arms can be fixed to the horizontal rail from behind so the display doesn’t slide down the rail when the display is turned to portrait. Part Number: VFM-WRT [EU SAP tbc / US SAP tbc]

Optional Video Conference Shelf

An optional shelf fixes in the centre above or below the display. Any camera including the Logitech Rally can be fixed to the shelf. It is also designed to accommodate Yamaha’s YVC-1000, Barco’s Clickshare CSE-200 base station, or Logitech’s Meetup wall bracket can fix to the vertical part. With VESA 100 x 100 mm holes on the vertical section, product’s like Heckler’s Zoom Room iPad enclosure can be fixed. Part Number: VFM-WVC [EU SAP: 5048878 / US SAP: tbc]

Optional Laptop Shelf

An optional shelf fixes at four different heights in 80 mm (3.1″) increments to the horizontal part of the wall mount. The platform is 450 mm (17.7″) wide by 306 mm (12.0″) deep. At the lowest height setting the shelf is 680 mm (26.8″) below the centre of screen. Part Number: VFM-WLS [EU SAP: 4857149 / US SAP: 13557610] Due into stock late 2019

  • 445 x 635 x 34 mm / 17.5″ x 25.0″ x 1.3″ (width x height x depth)
  • 670 x 255 x 40 mm / 26.4″ x 10.0″ x 1.6″
  • 3.6 kg (7.8 lbs)
  • 4.2 kg (9.3 lbs)
  • 100 kg (220 lbs)
  • Cold-rolled Steel 2.5 mm (0.10")
  • Black

  • 400 x 600 mm
  • 400 x 500 mm
    400 x 400 mm
    400 x 300 mm
    400 x 200 mm
    350 x 350 mm
    300 x 600 mm
    300 x 500 mm
    300 x 400 mm
    300 x 300 mm
    200 x 600 mm
    200 x 400 mm
    200 x 200 mm
  • 4 x M5 16 mm screw
    4 x M6 16 mm screw
    4 x M6 25 mm screw
    4 x M8 16 mm screw
    4 x M8 35 mm screw
    2 x M8 45 mm screw
  • Lifetime return-to-base
  • RoHS, ADA (Americans with Disability Act) Compliant
  • VFM-W4X4 [EU SAP: 4934294

  • China



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