15v 4A Power Supply Vision TC2-P15V4A 3271428

15v 4A Power Supply Vision TC2-P15V4A 3271428
 15v 4A Power Supply Vision TC2-P15V4A 327142815v 4A Power Supply Vision TC2-P15V4A 3271428 

Vision TC2-P15V4A 3271428

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Order Code:  3271428
Part Number:  TC2-P15V4A
Manufacturer:  VISION



Approx 82 Units Available


Vision Audio Visual : Installation : Innovation

15V 4A DC Power Supply TC-P15V4A VISION SPARES

(15v 4A DC) 15 volt / 4 amp power supply Vision TC2-P15V4A spare power supply for Vision Techconnect TC2-AMP4 and TC3-AMP. The 15v low voltage wire is connected to a screw phoenix plug connector for directly connecting to TC2-AMP4 or TC3-AMP.

The Screw Phoenix connector can be removed leaving bare ended wires which can then be used for soldering to a plug, connecting to a chock block or used for other applications requiring a transformer rated at 15v 4A.

Laptop-style transformer.

Mains Power: 220-240v

DC Output: 15v 4A

Includes 4 x 0.5m figure-8 power cables: UK/EU/US/AU.

Low Voltage (DC) cable tail length: 4m.

Transformer dimensions: 108 x 50 x 33mm

Note: Not for use with TC2-AMP3


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